Whitewater Rafting Around Estes Park

If you are feeling adventurous, consider spending a day enjoying White Water Rafting. Plunge into the Poudre or Colorado Rivers for an day or afternoon of thrilling drops, bumps and fun!

Several whitewater raft companies operate out of Estes Park, although river access is out of the area. Once there, you’ll get outfitted with the necessary gear and safety equipment. Then hit the river! The Poudre and Colorado offer several classes of whitewater excitement, from  beginners to more seasoned rafters. Experienced guides lead you through rapids with names such as Pinball, Roller Coaster, Maw of Death and Pine View Falls. Don’t worry; you’ll have some smooth moments to observe the scenery and spy bighorn sheep, deer, eagles and other wildlife.

Tips for Colorado Whitewater Rafting

  1. Anyone can do whitewater rafting. There are rivers for all levels of experience, including families with children.
  2. Use a certified outfitter with good reviews and lots of experience.
  3. There are a variety of trips, from half-day to full-day with other outdoor activities. Choose one that you feel will give you the best overall experience.
  4. The fastest rapids are typically in May and June, when snow is melting most.
  5. You have to wear a life vest. Wear a swimsuit and/or quick-drying clothes.
  6. The water can be quite cold, even in summer. Dress for the weather, with waterproof sunscreen and water shoes or sneakers that will stay on your feet.
  7. Pack dry clothes to change into afterward.
  8. Have fun!
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