Wildlife Watching Around River Spruce

Here at River Spruce Cabins, wildlife abounds. It’s quite often that we get visitors that come and stay a while. Our guests are constantly snapping photos, many of which are right from their front porch. We’ll let the photos do the talking on this one.

Though everyone knows about the elk wandering through the middle of town in Estes Park, there are so many other animals that can go unnoticed. There’s so much to see sitting right in front of your cabin. In one visit, one may see fox, mule deer, coyote, pika, long horn sheep, mink, mountain lions and more.

Don’t worry though, no snakes to worry about up this high.

Here are a few tips to help keep you and the animals safe:

Keep a safe distance and stay alert – if the animal changes its behavior, appears startled or notices you, you are too close.

  • Never approach or attempt to touch wildlife!
  • Be extra aware during sensitive times, such as spring calving and fall mating seasons for elk and moose, when animals can be aggressive or defensive.
  • Use binoculars and zoom lenses to observe and photograph wildlife from a safe distance.
  • Do not imitate an elk bugle or call during the fall mating season, as it may irritate or threaten the bull, endangering you and him.
  • Do not follow or chase animals and do not let children or pets do this either. If the animals is moving away from you, it is a sign that they need more space.

Obey all state and national park laws. Observe signs and postings of area closures.

  • Never feed wildlife, no matter how small or accustomed they are. Human food, even peanuts, are unhealthy for the animals and this practice makes the dependent on people for food, often detrimental to their survival.

Never stop or block traffic. If you spot wildlife while driving, avoid stopping abruptly. Look for a place where you can slowly and fully pull off the road to park.

Be aware of and respect private property.

Keep pets in the vehicle or secured on a leash at a long distance, as they may frighten or provoke wildlife.

Follow proper procedures and regulations to secure food and food trash whether in the car, at the campground or at your lodging: Use bear-proof containers, lockers or trash receptacles (the trunk of your car is not bear-proof), close windows, and lock doors of unoccupied cars or lodging. For more tips on maximizing your wildlife experience, visit NPS.gov/ROMO.

We have tons of wildlife all year round. To see more like this, visit our YouTube Channel.